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DM Billing Services DM Billing Services
9500 1/2 Petite Lane
Lakeside,, California 92040
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In today's economy, insurance companies attempt more than ever to make sure your claims are not paid. Complete claim follow-up and knowledge on how to effectively appeal claims is crucial in receiving maximum profits. DM Billing Services is a complete billing service handling everything from verifying your patient's insurance benefits to keeping you updated on the newest coding and billing laws. Claims paid as early as two weeks and all payments are sent directly to your office. We only collect on what we bill-we do not collect on your cash patients, copays, coinsurance, or deductibles collected in your office. Our services are tailored to each office, for example, if you are only looking to have us bill your Medicare we are happy to do that. We are HIPAA compliant and prepared to implement ICD 10 in October of 2015. Family owned and operated. No start-up fees, no binding contract. It's very simple to get started-your claims will start going out the same day you sign up.